You have finally picked out the art prints you want to purchase. But then a light bulb went off - you're not ready yet. You still need to decide on the most fitting type of display options for your prints and your space - and yes, we do feel you - it can get a bit overwhelming.

Between making sure you pick the correct frame size, deciding whether to go for a 'mount' or 'no-mount' frame and choosing between the different display styles available, by the end of it you'll wish our art prints came with a step-by-step guide that breaks all this down for you.

Well, we're one step ahead! Lucky for you, you do not need to search any further. This guide has you (and your walls) covered.
What's available for purchase from The Minimal Stories

Currently, our print accessory line offers a selection of box frames and wooden print stands for our 13x18cm and 21x30cm art prints only.

Box frames

Our box frames feature a thick, minimalistic profile that puts the emphasis on the print, allowing it to take centre stage. These frames are a premium-quality option for any space, and come in either a brilliant white or luxe black finish. 

Our 21x30cm frame (measuring: 23.8cm x 32.8cm x 3.5cm) can be hung in two different positions using either of the metal fastening on the back of the frame.

Our 13x18cm frame (measuring: 15.9cm x 20.8cm x 3.5cm) feature a metal hook fastening and a wooden stand, designed to allow you to take it from table to the wall and back again, as you please.

Wooden print stands 

Frames aren't the only solution for displaying our art prints. Individually handcrafted from solid oak, our wooden print stands make an elegant, timeless option for displaying your smaller prints.

Ideal for small spaces that you frequent often - such as desks, bedside tables or mantles, our wooden prints stands are perfect for storing your most favourite and inspirational prints. Each stand can easily hold up to 6 of our 13x18cm prints allowing you to easily interchange between your favourite prints.

Measures 7cm x 9cm x 2cm


General size guide and frame pairing options for our art prints

All of our art prints were designed to fit widely-available frames from popular and affordable stores. 

Tip: Don't be afaird to mix and match different frame sizes and finishes - a little variation goes a long way and usually is the very thing that creates the wow factor you're looking for!  

Mount or no mount?
A mount, also known as passe-partout or matboard (mat for short), is a piece of board that comes with most frames.  
We have set up a frame size guide for you including both 'a mount' and 'no mount’ option.
Art print size Frame size (no mount) Frame size (with mount)
21x30 cm 21x30 cm 30x40 cm
30x40 cm 30x40 cm 40x50 cm
40x50 cm 40x50 cm 50x70 cm
50x70 cm 50x70 cm 61x91 cm
Size guide for our white border prints
A selected number of our art prints include a white border that nicely frames the artwork, eliminating the need for a frame mount.
Art print size Artwork size White border 
21x30 cm 17x26 cm 2 cm
30x40 cm 24x34 cm 3 cm
40x50 cm 32x42 cm 4 cm
50x70 cm 40x60 cm 5 cm